About Tear Security

Tear Security was established by cyber security experts and data scientists to improve the security of organizations with offensive approaches. We believe that organizations should be able to defend themselves against modern attacks, only with true knowledge of how adversaries operate. Organizations with the experience of how adversary activities can occur in their environments, and how to detect those activities, can gain high confidence in the safety of their most critical assets and data.

Our mission is to build next generation of offensive solutions to help organizations test their defensive capabilities from an attacker perspective. With more than 10 years of experience, we were able to combine machine learning technology with adversary techniques. Our current solution Tear Drop provides continues measurement the effectiveness of security defenses by acting like an artifical intelligence adversary on organization's network.

We are building a team of security experts and data scientists, curious about protecting the industry from modern adversaries. If this sounds like you, send your resume to [email protected]