Evaluate your defenses in all aspects

How Tear Drop Helps Your Organization?

The goal of Tear Drop is to prepare network defense staff for the highly sophisticated targeted attacks their organization may face. It helps you to answer three key questions:

What are my weak sides from the attacker point of view?

What could a targeted attacker do with access to your environment?

How effective is your current security posture at preventing, detecting, and responding to a targeted attack?

Our goal is to give your organization the experience of a sophisticated targeted attack, without the actual damage that accompanies a real incident. Tear Drop shows you how it reached your sensitive data and related methods that can help you prevent future attacks.

To make Tear Drop as realistic as possible, we constantly update our approach to mirror the current adversary methods. Tear Drop consists of different MITRE ATT&CK™ methods and knows how to combine them to make a successful attack. We leverage Tear Drop intelligence team to keep pace with changes in different adversary groups’ tactics used to target organizations. The result is a test of your defenses that replicates real-world tactics, techniques, and procedures, often relying on the same tools the attackers use themselves.

Be Your Own Attacker

Automate your red team engagements with Tear Drop. Test your defensive capabilities from attacker’s perspective on daily basis.

SOC Maturity Assessment

Use Tear Drop’s simulation module to determine how effective your SOC is at detecting, analyzing and responding to adversary tactics

Easy Penetration Testing

Tear Drop provides you the most necessary penetration testing modules which can be used via the web interface.

Tear Drop Key Points Key Points

Fully Automated Red Team Activities
Finds weaknesses in your Active Directory environment, escalates privileges, laterally moves around the network and finds valuable data.
Vulnerability Scanning
Detects vulnerabilities on your machines and creates reports in a variety of formats.
Exploit Software Vulnerabilities
Exploits detected vulnerabilities safely to carry the attack to new phases. Do you use Nessus for vulnerability detection? No Problem. Upload your Nessus report to Tear Drop and start exploitation.
One-click Modules
Do you want to take the whell? No problem. Most necessary penetration testing tools are one-click ahead. Tear Drop provides you easy to use spear phishing panel with ready to use domain names, ARP spoofing kit and lots of post-exploitation modules for diffent operating systems.
Asset Discovery
Discover your internal or internet-faced assets, identify running services and their version, get screenshots easily.
Machine Learning Technology
Analyze your network and detects the best communication method and attack paths.

Tear Drop Key Features Key Features

Easy to use web panel
Deploy Tear Drop to a machine and access all modules, run scans from anywhere with the web panel. All sophisticated, confusing attack scenarios and modules are one-click ahead.
Tear Drop Web Panel
Tear Drop Attack Map
Visualized Attack Maps
Tear Drop provides you dashboard, exportable reports which focuses only on important points. All your weaknesses will be crystal clear. Tear Drop includes:
  • Attack Map: You can observe when and how Tear Drop reached your sensitive data
  • Vulnerability Report: You can get classic vulnerability report to see the vulnerabilities acros your network and mitigation advices.
PII Data Detection
Tear Drop automatically detects PII Data that can be reached by an attacker. Only masked data reaches Tear Drop's server. Tear Drop currently detects following data types (Additions can be made by customer request)
  • Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, AMEX)
  • Social Security Number
  • Birthday
  • Passport Number
  • Identity Number
  • IP Address
Tear Drop PII Data
Tear Drop Deliverables
Custom Deliverables For All Operating Systems
Tear Drop provides you deliverable agent executables for Windows, macOS and Linux systems. You can use these deliverable agents on Tear Drop's phishing module for your social engineering tests.
  • EXE & VBS files are signed on the fly with our certificate
  • Content of the EXE files will be obfuscated and has different hash value every time.
One-Click Adversary Simulation
Tear Drop consists of different MITRE ATT&CK™ techniques for Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems. Just select the techniques you want to simulate, Tear Drop agents will handle the rest for you.

There are also 15+ different APT groups with their specific scenarios which are included in Tear Drop's simulation module.
Tear Drop APT Groups
Tear Drop Shodan Integration
Integrated with Shodan
Find your internet faced assets with integrated Shodan search, find vulnerabilities, exploit them and start fully automated red team activity on your network.
  • No Query Knowledge Needed: You don't need to know Shodan's query syntax. You can use Tear Drop's easy to use search panel to find your assets.
  • Batteries Included: You don't need to bring your own license key. Tear Drop handles that part for you.
Phishing E-mails Made Easy
Tear Drop includes all necessary functions for your phishing campaigns.
  • Integrated E-mail Harvester: You can find your company e-mails from public websites like Google, Twitter, Linkedin and save them.
  • Integrated Domain Names: You can use domain names provided by Tear Drop to send phishing e-mails.
  • E-mail Templates: Tear Drop includes different phishing templates for your needs.
  • Integrated HTML Editor: Do you want to use your own templates? No problem! You can edit HTML templates inside Tear Drop's web panel.
Tear Drop Phishing Module


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